Here are some of my favourites from the ever expanding list of mistakes which have been catalogued by this blog so far:

  • Being too much myself
  • Not being myself enough
  • Getting my elbow caught in between a wall and a door when closing it
  • Continuing to buy coffee from vending machines at Preston bus station
  • Not warning that impressionable young girl about the people of Leyland
  • Thinking that crudely drawn pictures of Stalin would work as a tool of seduction

  • Assuming that I will, at some point, learn from previous mistakes
  • Smoking something that I found in a bag, with skull and cross bones on it, outside Preston bus station
  • Exercise (view)
  • Using a sock for sock function 2 after using it for sock function 1
  • Purposefully making a blog post 60% wrong
  • Forgetting how to do things relating to the cycling of a bike (view)
  • Outsmarting waterproof clothing by working against it from the inside (view)
  • Accidentally ruining a minor's relationship with her artwork by introducing inappropriate and unwanted sexual undertones (view)
  • Trapping logic in a box marked, 'Open later. P.S. fuck you'  (view)
  • Attempting sandwich artistry with self-inflicted stigmata (view)

  • Engaging in a written debate with someone who can barely spell (view)
  • Assuming I'm superior to the illiterate (view)
  • Trusting things I heard on BBC News 24 (view)
  • Not dressing as some sort of labrador in order to gain access to the GP's less dead-eyed cousin - the veterinarian (view)

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