Me&Zie Blog

At the time of writing this:

I'm 27

I'm a creative writing student

I am part of the OneFiveEight design/art/music/misc collective (I'm the misc!).

I have replaced my interest in booze, drugs, junk food and Jeremy Kyle with a singular dedication to drinking too much coffee.

For those of you that care, I am available at places such as:

If you don't have a google ID, then following me on one of those is the best way to find out about new posts, and also the smaller, yet no less ridiculous, day to day exploits that I must endure (until I payback the wizard).

I will be explaining myself via this blog, as I do have a tedious need to explain myself, and all the posts that get into that sort of business can be viewed here.

All the posts that concern my Recent Mistakes (the blog title!) are to be viewed down this rabbit hole.

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